Commit 5704d3a2 authored by Deon George's avatar Deon George

Fixed mysql script filespace name

parent 901d43cc
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ for db in $DB; do
[ -n "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Processing DB ($db)"
# Restore from TSM
tsmpipe -Bxs ${FILESPACE}/{$db} -f FULL ${TSMPIPE_ARGS} | mysql ${MYSQL_AUTH} ${db}
tsmpipe -Bxs ${FILESPACE}/${db} -f FULL ${TSMPIPE_ARGS} | mysql ${MYSQL_AUTH} ${db}
......@@ -105,5 +105,5 @@ listdb | while read db; do
[ -n "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Processing DB ($db), with size ($size)"
# Backup to TSM
mysqldump ${MYSQL_AUTH} ${MYSQL_ARGS} $db| tsmpipe -Bcs ${FILESPACE}/{$db} -f FULL -L ${size} ${TSMPIPE_ARGS}
mysqldump ${MYSQL_AUTH} ${MYSQL_ARGS} $db| tsmpipe -Bcs ${FILESPACE}/${db} -f FULL -L ${size} ${TSMPIPE_ARGS}
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